Classes Offered

Gentle Hatha *MPA – Gentle Yoga seeks to achieve mental, emotional and physical relaxation. Gentle uses poses (Asana) such as light twists, seated forward folds, table and some gentler standing poses that are considered to be non-strenuous and more restorative. This class also uses the power of Pranayama (Breathing techniques) Short Meditation to help further relax and restore the body and mind.  Level 1
Yin – works the deeper tissues of the body, ligaments, joints, & even the  bones.  Yin is simple but that does not mean easy, it is considered a quiet practice allowing you the freedom to free the mind and body of distractions. Yin is a great class to slow down, connect with the calmer side of the mind and body while letting us relax from our busy yang life styles. Asanas (postures) are held for a  longer duration of time.  Level 1
Bedtime Yoga- Bedtime Yoga is designed to remedy stress, anxiety or tension of the body and mind through gentle asana (posture). Much like your Gentle or Yin Yoga, bedtime Yoga is a great way to decompress and mentally relax allowing you to unwind and prepare for bed. Level 1 
Hatha 101- This class offers a vast arrange of gentle yet challenging physical yoga poses from seated, kneeling, standing and balancing that helps you to explore the many different asana’s while working at your own pace and abilities. Many adaptations are given so that you may learn to move for YOUR body, not just in this class but in all others and in life. Level 1
Hatha 2.0-This class works on strength and alignment is a slow paced manor focused on specific and proper alignment that will allow you to move into different posture in a controlled, self aware and safe way. The breakdown of specific postures allows the practitioner to move at their own pace of exploration, allowing them to hold or advance the postures while gaining a better understanding of the body and mind. Level 2
Rise and Shine Hatha Flow /  Slow Flow Vinyasa – This class takes on many different names at many different studios, Power Yoga, Slow Flow, Vinyasa etc…  This class is a breath based sequence of more controlled slow moving Asana’s (postures) such as Sun or Moon Salutations. This is an athletic practice with an emphasis on movement, or ebb and flow between poses. Awareness, body control and mindfulness, linked to the strong pranayama (Breath work) will allow you to move safely in and out of postures while helping to build strength, and peace within. Level 2
Vin/Yin- This class is a fusion of Vinyasa Flow and Yin. The first half of the class will concentrate on vigorous breath based sequences such as Sun Salutations designed to strengthen and improve energy flow in the body. The second half of the practice transitions into deep restorative poses designed to help release connective tissue and improve circulation. Level 2
 Yoga Tone – Yoga Tone is a strength building class designed to work the muscles and tones the body. Asana’s such as Boat Pose (Navasana) or Chaturanga Dandasana are used similar to your standard abdominal crunches, or pushups. The repetitive and full range of movement allows the bones and muscles to become stronger, while specific props help to challenge the muscles in a new and different way.  Level 2
Open Studio – Feel free to come and go as you please, whether its for 10 minutes or 90 minutes, Asana practice or Meditation. This is a non-lead class built for those wanting to meet up with like minded yogi’s to play & enhance their personal practice,  in the presence of a qualified teacher ready to help advise & assist. Regardless if you’re new to a personal practice or have been doing yoga on your own for years, this is a great class for allowing yourself to explore yoga in your own way in a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment.
Karma Yoga Events – There is so much more to Yoga than just practicing Asana (postures) Karma yoga is when you take your practice off the mat and out into the world. Each month we will dedicate to a different charitable cause, this could mean volunteering our time outside of the studio such as food banks or relays to holding fund raising Yoga events to collecting goods for those in need. The possibilities are endless, and with your help we can make a difference. Look for info on Karma yoga at the studio, on the website and on social media *Suggestions welcomed